5 Crypto Predictions For 2023 | Episode 232

Foreign [Music] Um Oh yeah Hello and welcome to the crypto mining Show your One Stop Shop for all Cryptocurrency news from the perspective Of a cryptocurrency miner I go by Matthew in real life and blind run on The internet and today we're going to be Discussing five predictions according to Coindesk for cryptocurrency in the year 2023 seeing as we'll kind of be hitting That weird spot where next week's live Stream is going to essentially come Right before the end of the year I guess We'll go ahead and get the end of the Year predictions out of the way and then We'll celebrate the new year then of Course this weekend is Christmas so a Very happy holiday to each and every one Of you fellow cryptocurrency miners out There and I appreciate for all the Support that you continue to show me Throughout the bear market and if you're Interested in an after party there will Be one this evening You can check the pinned comment in the Live chat to find that and without Further Ado let's talk about today's Sponsor and we are just going to be Talking about it straight up and bluntly It's going to be b t miners yes BT minus Right now is having their end of the

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Crypto shirt if you're looking for used Async minus for a decent price you can Check out Coastal crypto and of course Down there we also have octo Miner which You should go check out if you're Looking for Server style cases or even Of course their latest product which is Going to be their heater which of course Red panda mining did a the launch Special for that if you guys want to go Check out that definitely check out his Channel for that one and pretty much That's it as far as crypto.com they kind Of were supposed to be a sponsor through May of next year however that didn't Work out so there you go let's go ahead And get into the first topic of the day Though which is going to be the top five Who are not the top five which is going To be five digital economy predictions For the year 2023. Chile is in the chat by the way so Make sure you yeah right behind us guys All of the beautiful octo miners right Behind me here so if you're interested In those go check them out and uh chili Can probably get you guys hooked up with Information on the latest prod products Surrounding of course the good old A6 Let's get into this though All right 2023 is the year crypto will Have to grow up and clean up its act Here are the predictions regarding the Future of nfts the metaverse cbdc's and

Institutional Investments now uh I'm Going to give you guys one of my Predictions this for the year 2023 I Predict that the UK and the U.S will Roll out test Nets if not full on uh Releases of Central Bank digital Currencies it will primarily Focus Around of course government funded thing Programs like Medicare tax returns Etc Kind of forcing the lower class and Lower middle class and probably the Middle class into participating within Them now we could say Canada would Participate within this as well but you Know they've kind of just gone down the You know suicide path instead of the Taking care of people medically Pat okay Jokes Aside let's get into the Predictions from coin desk oh if the Year 2021 was the year of cryptocurrency Then 2022 was the year it collapsed Millions were made and lost by crypto Investors while crypto companies were Built And folded with 2023 right around the Corner one thing is clear the Roaring 20s era of 2022 crypto parties and the Markets overall irrational exuberance is Over 2023 is the year crypto will have To grow up and clean up its act ahead Here are five predictions for the next Year in the digital economy Prediction number one natural selection Of the crypto ecosystem now to be

Completely fair is this like is this not Completely obvious every single cycle For the halving cycle after the little Pump and then it dumps what happens you Start to see all of the failed projects And failed cryptocurrency YouTubers Etc Like myself begin to get day jobs and Quit the cryptocurrency scene and of Course what we've done over here and That is pretty much how this is going to Shape up the the individuals that are Not able to Survive this will fall away to the Wayside and the projects that you know Can't handle the pressure will will Completely fold and another thing that's Going to happen obviously as we see it Is big large cryptocurrency miners are Even beginning to fold we're going to be Talking about that here in a little bit As well but if you didn't have a good Cash flow plan for the bear Market in Cryptocurrency well obviously you're Going to get flushed out of the system Pretty hard natural selection of the Digital asset ecosystem will be a Powerful force in 2023 and that's a Positive development the good companies Will get stronger and the bad ones will Fade away or be restructured leaving a Better positioned market for the future And I do agree with that We are already seeing Darwinism sweep Through the market with only the

Well-managed well-intended companies Surviving while there will be more shoes To drop as we head into 2023 this Process is needed and very healthy for The future growth of the digital assets Ecosystem and I agree with that as well The reshaping and rebuilding of the Industry's reputation and the way it Does business will continue to be driven By institutional investors requiring More controls risk management Transparency and reality checks I Completely disagree with this uh to the Point to where I think the viability of Cryptocurrency will lean in complete Opposition to institutional investors Complete opposition to your standard Traditional financial markets Etc as we Start to see the collapse of Fiat Systems starting with of course the Weakening of the US dollar which we'll Be talking about in the after party so Make sure that you are headed on over to That through the linked chat because We're going to be talking about the Basically the weakening of the US dollar As it Compares for a reserve currency And that is going to be what happens and The reserve currency will shift into Either something that is run by large Centralized nation states working Together such as Saudi Arabia Russia Britain or Britain sure China all of Those right or we'll end up in a

Position where individuals start opting Out of this particular system and I Think that institutional investors will Push money into cryptocurrency in General but that is not the reason why We are sitting here today talking about Bitcoin in a bear Market still we're Sitting here because we are interested In the principles and the fundamentals Surrounding Bitcoin and what it provides To the individual not what it provides To institutional investors While we're on the subject of into Institutional investors they go on to Say firms like SoftBank Sequoia and Temasek just to name a few have some Sobering up to do as well this Maturation and sobering up process will Weed some of the fraud incompetence and Lack of experience out of the industry And that's a good thing the company's Left standing will be stronger for it And the industry will be better Positioned to begin thriving once again Prediction number two regulation Everywhere but here that says the U.S Right so this is interesting countries Across the globe will make critical Decisions on crypto regulations in 2023 While in the U.S no meaningful Regulatory movements will occur due to Legislative dysfunction I don't know That I really agree with that as if the U.S legislative dysfunction is much

Worse than than like Britain or Canada Etc I think they all got the gunking all Got the red tape unless of course you're Looking at something like China for Comparison where they can pass things Quite quickly thanks to the CCP you know And and maybe Russia right I don't see That also if we're being completely Fair Like we read about last week as it Pertains to Russia and regulation over Cryptocurrency they're pretty much Removing uh all of the regulation Surrounding cryptocurrency specifically To uh allow people to function within Some sort of economy in some sort of Commerce without the interference of a Government so that they don't end up in A position where they are hurting of Course the oligarchs financially so it's Gotten it's gotten to be like obviously From the perspective of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency a very viable and like Front stage kind of movement for International Exchange right and that is Going to be obviously to a certain Extent aimed at bypassing of course Things like sanctions and we'll just Have to see how that plays out at the End of the day one thing we know for Certain it will happen they say on Coindesk article or continue on is in 2023 as it relates to crypto regulation In the US is infighting and lots of it From the Securities and Exchange

Commission and the commodity Futures Trading commission to the Democrats and The Republicans and let's not forget the D5 versus the traditional Finance crew 2023 will be as entertaining as WWE so Grab the popcorn however no one benefits From stalemates from unresolved power Struggles and this coming year won't be Any different in the digital economy While one would like to hold out hope That a new Congress can accomplish Meaningful crypto legislation the Likelihood of it happening is as high as Sam Bateman freed keeping his Bahama Behind Bahamian Penthouse whoa I'm Getting tongue-tied there on that one But while the U.S squabbles and debates Countries around the world are making Progress and 2023 should see many of These regulatory regimes take shape the European Union is taking a massive step Early in 2023 to vote and implement the Markets in crypto asset regulation which Lays out a framework to regulate both The issuance of cryptocurrencies and Assets and transactions I.E trading Investments and payments specifically The mica or Mika Bill contains several Provisions Regulators say are necessary To quote reign in the wild west of the Crypto world Meanwhile Asian Regulators are each Taking on crypto guard rails differently Hong Kong's goal for 2023 is to increase

Retail access to crypto which requires a Specifically regulatory a specific Regulatory strategy to support those Objectives in sharp contrast nearby Singapore has signaled that it will Tighten regulations after big losses This year for investors while South Korea still dealing with the aftermath Of the collapse of Terra will focus Solely on enforcement on the other hand India somewhat uniquely in the region is Using tax policy to drive Behavior Basically yeah if you're in India good Freaking luck getting your money out of Crypto before it's just absolutely Drained by the government it is a dang Tragedy it is pure theft in the it's Peer thievery it's mob it's it's mob Rule you know and I know To a certain extent all nation states Are the same right it's the we make the Rules to get ourselves more money game That is what it is politicians offer no Real world actual skill sets that Provide some sort of value to the Society all they do is structure rules In a manner which enriches their pockets And in and burdens the people with Actual skill The Glitz and glamor of the metaverse in Non-fungible tokens may be tarnishing But the Practical versatile and Inevitable uses for both will be much Clearer in 2023

The recent narrative about the Metaverse's demise partly based on meta Platform's dismal Financial Outlook Are premature the same way the Exuberance about its immediate relevance And market adoption a year ago was I Don't really actually like even when I Completely disagree with this narrative From coindesk in general so first of all From the very very beginning I consider The meta verse to be something that no One really wanted to participate in why Is that well I'm a gamer by heart like I Grew up gaming I played video games all The way up until this very day I've Started out playing video games on PC And I continue to play video games on PC Almost on a daily basis if I can get to It right and there has never been a a Time in in the metaverse where I was Like oh that looks like a cool game just Never that's not a thing that happens Right and why is it because most of them Are cash grabs that are really poorly Done right this is really actually no Different than the entire gaming Industry as a whole as it became Continued to fall down that deep deep Dark hole of money grubbing micro Transactions that destroyed an entire Industry and moved into the mobile Sector which destroyed it even more and Then you want to add blockchain to it no Thank you

No thank you I don't want it as a gamer So I didn't see this taking off in the First place and there's no good products To back it up that's that's that's the Plain fact of the matter is there Potential for this in the future to Provide some sort of digital rights over Games right this is where I could see it Working but that would align more along The nft process not actual metaverse Within the game World type thing but Nfts I could see giving some sort of Digital right access to video games that Would be important because as we see With digital rights access across the Board if you purchase something like Let's say on the Amazon web store or Even on Steam if steam decides that they Are no longer going to hold that game Within the download Library well tough Crap you don't get access to your games Anymore so if you could do some sort of P2P file sharing system that validated Your ownership of that particular title On the blockchain then I'm all for that But if you want me to pretend that the Metaverse is fun or interesting no it's Not going to happen I'm sorry No one should be looking at me at met up And the overall building of the Metaverse infrastructure as a 2023 of 2024 project I agree The truth is the metaverse is inevitable Uh I don't know that I agree with that

But let's continue on I suppose in a World where you have essentially like Yeah Ready Player one inevitability I I Guess right does that mean that that It's that It will be fun I don't know right like I It's an odd it's an odd thing to really Think about but like do you really have Fun playing a majority of those games With like micro transactions in them or Does it just become like a dopamine Rush With that said 2023 will Mark the Beginning of how we perceive metaverse Experiences new use cases in Enterprise Healthcare education and more will bring Practical utility of smaller doses of The metaverse to our Collective Attention Even in our daily lives Advances in identity technology along With ar VR devices like Apple's XR Project will come into Focus as well in 2023 the same is true about nfts see Here's the problem that they have and This is the problem I think that The metaverse always has because I even Did it right we're talking about the Metaverse I shift into real world Applications for nfts They start to talk about the metaverse They say oh the metaverse is relevant But they shift into technology Surrounding nfts it's not the metaverse That we care about it's digital Rights Management that we care about

Once again it's not the metaverse or any Particular metaverse that we care about It's digital Rights Management that we Care about right a peer-to-peer Removal of a third party managing your Digital rights or your ownership over Digital items that is relevant in this Discussion nothing else really is at This point we need to figure that piece Of the puzzle out and I think that's the Real big one here in the near future That needs to get solved that will also Obviously push the adoption of Cryptocurrency further right Foreign To talk about nfts right The Funnel of Innovative ways to leverage nfts will Continue to widen in 2023. sure yeah That's going to happen from supply chain And Logistics to healthcare and real Estate and Retail nfts will have a more Pervasive and permanent role in Digitizing operations Obviously the like Elephant in the room here the only like The primarily Used the primary used blockchain for all Of this is ethereum and ethereum is Clearly suffering censorship since it Has moved into proof of stake there are Clear problems with the platform as it Sits there needs to be an alternative That's proof of work that's viable that People can adopt will that happen I

Don't know I just don't think that in Its current state it is basically Regulation proof right which at a Certain point you need to be able to say These digital rights that I own with This nft cannot be infringed upon by a Government If you don't have that in place if you Don't have something that stops Government infringement over private Property over private digital property Then it's useless It's useless at that point all right That that it just is So if you're going to have a blockchain Like ethereum that's already suffering From censorship issues that's already Been deemed to security by the SEC and That is your primary method of Validating digital ownership on the Blockchain I just don't see it as being A viable option in the future Prediction number four 2023 may be the Year of the cbdc around the world but There will be no digital Dollar in sight The cbdc arms race will continue as Central banks create alliances with Commercial Banks and Technology Providers to strengthen their position To test launch and execute on their Unique cbdc strategies Yeah I agree it's across the board right Um it will be the year of cbdc's it's Clear that the propaganda machine on a

Global stage right Has pushed for this right from the Collapse of FTX or from the collapse of Luna all the way through the collapse of FTX all centralized entities they take These centralized examples which is the Reason they failed is because of the Centralization surrounding them right And they take those as examples and they Say well that means that we need to Regulate the decentralized part right It's not the corruption don't look Behind the curtain Right Don't see Gary Gensler sitting there Having coffee and tea with Sam Bateman Freed As they plan out the Greatest propaganda machine Anti-crypto Mission crypto plan in the World which is yeah sure admittedly tin Foil had but clearly if you have the Owner of FTX the biggest fraud in History sitting down with the head of The SEC discussing regulation And then the entire Catalyst to Accelerated regulation is brought on by Fraud within that company it brings up a Pretty strong tinfoil hat right that's Pretty much it's it's like okay you know Maybe I do need to protect my brain from This this these the this propaganda at This point right like this is insane so Yes where does that lead us into moving

Into 2023 it clearly leads us into Cbdc's You can't handle it you're not Financially responsible the individual Is stupid you don't know what you're Doing don't worry the government will Take care of it they'll allocate the Amount of money that they think is is What you deserve for the job title that You have and you must spend it within The certain amount of time window Because saving would actually end up Putting your next generation or your Generational line in a possible Advantage and we can't have that because Our kids need to stay at the top while Your kids stay at the bottom our kids Need to basically be raised in a manner Where all they do is govern with no No skill set to attribute to society While all the rest do the daily work Right that is where you end up this is Clearly what they're working on in China Here recently that's why I bring up Basically this idea of a a currency with An expiration date right here's your Paycheck for the 30 days pay all your Bills oh you have a little bit left over You better spend it because if you don't Spend it we're just gonna it's gonna Expire right this is also a way that you Spur on an economy and allow you and Allow yourself to continue to print your Way out of your own debt while burdening

The public with continuing to generate This this sort of machine Like the economy right so this is this Has been talked about before as a Possible solution to inflation right you End up with a position where the Government can basically control uh the Completely troll the flow of goods and Services right Let's continue on so with more than 80 Percent of the world central banks Already considering launching a central Bank digital currency 2022 was mostly Full of Trials and testing However the movements by Nations across The world to make cbdc's a reality is Picking up speed and will become a Majority priority in 2023 especially as They race to set a global standard is in Sight additionally commercial banks are Increasingly interested in the space and Will begin or continue to partner with Central banks and software vendors to Ensure success in Mass adoption while China is China's digital one is far Beyond the rest many countries are Making Headway with 2023 goals of Rollout a possibility the bank of Japan Is piloting a rollout with major banks In early 2023. turkey announced it would Launch its cbdc next year while the ECB Intends to start work to develop a rule Book in early 2023 on rolling out a Digital Euro

The money and payments world is clearly On a path of adopting blockchain more Broadly in 2023 with swift even Recognizing the need to move in this Direction so clearly like cbdc's are Happening you can Safely keep the tinfoil hat on for a Cbdc actually happening because they are Happening right I I do hear a lot still In the Day-to-day grind talking to normal People I'll be like yeah these cbdc's They got rolled out like they have Rolled out in China is pretty crazy the UK is talking about it now and people Are like it'll never happen I'm like It's weird to hear people say it'll Never happen when it's clearly happening In front of their eyes right there's This denial of a cbdc actually being Reality when in fact it already is Reality and so to a certain extent I do Like it's kind of like using that that Cliche like wake up people cbdc's are Here they're right around the corner for The west Western world as well and They're going to be deployed in over 80 Percent of the governments across the World right across the globe That's it Prediction number five though Institutional investments in the digital Economy will Skyrocket Institutional investors will make big

Moves with their big money we learned in 2022 that Beyond crypto's organizational Woes it is closely tied to traditional Market movements and the overall economy I think we kind of debunked that to a Certain extent but you know let's Continue on for 2023 the domain's Performance will again depend on world Economic sentiment it if concerns ease We may see an uplift in crypto prices as Well as investments in the digital asset Market regardless of the market trends We will see more traditional Blue Chip Funds IE KKR and Hamilton lane together With security uh sec securitize Tokenized Yeah so Chip Blue Chip funds tokenized I can't I couldn't say that secured ties But KKR KKR and Hamilton Lane Um Blue Chip funds Will tokenize making them more Accessible to a broader sphere of Investors Additionally more and more large cap Market players will move into the Tokenization space iejp Morgan HSBC Fidelity Goldman and Goldman Sachs And we'll see a significant uptick in Mergers and Acquisitions activity as a Result I do think that will happen yes However a caveat to all of this as Mentioned prior is whether or not Legislators and Regulators step up to Provide some needed stability 2023 will

Also be an excellent time to invest in Venture Capital funds focused on the Blockchain ecosystem not crypto funds History shows VC funds that raise during Recessions outperform funds with Different vintages plus it makes a lot Of sense because valuations in the Blockchain ecosystem are going to be Much more reasonable and down to earth Over the next couple years now I will Mention this Huh it's been a long day let's let's Think about this From the Let's think about this from the position Of the book outliers if you guys haven't Read outliers or gotten the audiobook I Highly recommend it one of the things That it talks about is kind of like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and the timing of Their birth and the timing that they Were you know had access to mainframe Computers time shares that allowed them To access mainframe computers from Remote locations specifically these were Instrumental in their ability to become Extremely proficient at programming at a Young age pretty much before anybody Else now while older More wealthy individuals Also had access to these particular Technologies they did not see the future In it because it just seemed like a Kid's toy right or it seemed like it may

Fail this continued on of course into The internet bubble with similar moves From people like Mark Zuckerberg right And the timing of their birth and the The timing of the internet and their Ability to be just young enough to see The opportunity right not so not old and Stubborn but also just old enough to Actually know how to execute and to Study these things so what do you have Now well you have a similar opportunity Of course with cryptocurrency and now Would be like in general when they're Talking about VC funds raising during a Recession now would be a time for that Sort of thing to take place in The Visionaries to basically have their Ability to get the next breakout success From a financial perspective who will That be what will the blockchain be what Will it look like at the end when we get There I have no idea yeah like I said Before I do see two distinct paths right Now and I'm not sure which one the World's going to take right we have the Move towards essentially complete Centralization where you have basically Federal governments themselves Controlling the entire currency and Cutting out Banks meaning essentially It's just completely centralized or we Move down the path of complete Decentralization either way chaos ensues To a certain extent because with any

Transformation in Industry Finance Etc There's going to be chaos to a certain Extent so in for a bumpy ride buckling In personally that's how I see it Also though keeping the eyes open for Any sort of opportunity especially when As it pertains at a lower level like Mine to education surrounding the Subject right not so much a financial Opportunity from the VC perspective Because I wouldn't have the type of Capital for that but from the actual Technical perspective and understanding Blockchain understanding the essentially The programming languages that are Utilized for blockchain that sort of Thing becoming familiar with the Technology So you can be a nice little blockchain Worker bee at the end of the day if Needed right that's kind of the way this Works out at least from my perspective There was an interesting turn of events Here recently from paxful I think it was Paxful which is a centralized exchange Let's double check this real quick yeah So and he tweeted this but I can't seem To zoom in on it which is uh Disappointing but we'll uh let's read This because It was kind of funny and kind of Backpedaled right so paxful announced This the ray the CEO of pax full set and He says hey this is Ray the CEO of

Paxful and I'm writing you personally as I have made the decision to remove eth From our Marketplace as of December 22nd And he says why revenue is nice but Integrity trumps all He says let me explain the biggest Problem in the world is economic Apartheid it is the root of all of Humanity's pain I went to see a world Where Bitcoin fee or frees billions of People held back by this evil system Especially those unnecessarily harmed Living in the global South this is why I Built paxful to achieve this Mission it Is what truly drives me and it's from The heart and this is personal for me he Says so here are the reasons I'm Removing eth from paxful eats switched From proof of work to proof of stake Proof of work is the Innovation that Makes Bitcoin the only honest money There is whereas proof of stake has Rendered eth essentially a digital form Of Fiat East is not decentralized it is Controlled by a small group of people And one day you will need permission to Use it And then East had some utility on real Use cases such as credit and lending but It thrives because of tokenization the Tokens that eth has spawned have been Scams that have robbed people of Billions they have stolen valuable

Momentum away from Bitcoin and cost it To years on our mission In short our industry is under attack Right now which means our responsibility To protect our users is greater than Ever before we are not perfect but we'll Always do the right thing even if it's Not popular and even if it costs us Money the payoff for all of humanity Will be so great that the billions that The billions of scammers have stolen or That the billion scammers have stolen Via tokens will seem like pennies in Comparison You have my word as a CEO and human Being that I will always put purpose Before profit we're really going to do This brothers and sisters this is the Way so obviously an awesome announcement I like From the perspective of like uh Disenfranchised ethereum minor And being you know pretty hardcore proof Of work and getting closer and closer to Becoming a Bitcoin maximalist the longer I'm in the industry the cryptocurrency Industry there's a few things that Aren't exactly On the up and up in this particular Situation right so First of all completely ignoring you Know personal responsibility when it Comes to the scam coins And then also not taking into account

That you that essentially stable coins Have provided the escape the much needed Escape to the failure of a Nation-state's monetary system or the Fiat system in the case of Venezuela as Well as Argentina here most recently Venezuela last Bull Run Argentina this Bull run just so you guys know collapse The economy people buy crypto they Protect it right Why don't they just buy the US dollar Well because of the way it's regulated The UN basically influences countries to Not allow poor people to purchase the US Dollar directly and international Banking is locked down to extremely Wealthy people and this puts it into a Position where the lower class and even The middle class in these countries are Completely crushed while the rich are Not affected and get richer because They're able to essentially uh Capitalize on the on everything being Cheap right that's pretty much how this Plays out so I think that it's kind of a Miss to Ignore stable coins and stable coins are Powered by frankly ethereum right And to back that up of course uh Andrew Did say as paxful becoming a Bitcoin Only or will you keep usdt and usdc Trades and Ray said Stables are a must For real use cases which is why eth is Still on the wallet Psy

So Are they fully getting rid of these no And the thing is like it's like getting Rid of the East token but not getting Rid of the ethereum blockchain And uh while This movement sounds good and nice and Pretty and wrapped up in a bow and it Sounds you know principled it it Ticks all of the Bitcoin Maxi check Boxes right it does all that but what it Does it really result into in like Really result into the end goal here and And the answer to that is actually no Right unfortunately just the answer to That is no That being said there is some really Cool stuff uh more cool stuff being done On web3 which obviously will probably be Powered by ethereum by the for the most Part The global chess Authority is looking to Onboard the game's 500 million players Into web 3 with the new partnership this Is really cool So if you guys don't know I've been getting into chess a lot Lately because my son we got him into Chess club in Kinder and then he's been Doing chess club in first grade he had His first tournament and in first grade He was actually like top 20 out of like 80 kids and it was against second Graders he only lost the second graders

Which was crazy And uh he actually did do uh get check Mate which is crazy too so I'm super Proud of him because usually kids his Age is six years old in first grade did Not Checkmate anybody so He did incredibly well so we've been Playing a lot of Chess and seeing this Uh integration is cool now the sports Governing body announced Friday is Partnering with the Avalanche blockchain To bring its competitions into web 3. The partnership will create operational Efficiencies for players and federations And improve game Integrity according to A press release such as publishing Tournament data and player rankings on Chain as well as avacs hosted tournament Prize pools the tie up also places Ava Labs the builders behind the Avalanche Blockchain and core a self-custody Crypto wallet as featured sponsors at Physical chess tournaments around the World including the World Chess Championship and chess Olympiad Quote chess is a unique sport in this Cooperation will allow us to unify our Community and strengthen the ties Between players clubs federations and F-i-d-e Um Emil Satovsky Uh uh fide I'll say I don't know I don't Know how to pronounce I'll be honest I

Should CEO said in a statement obviously Is Stands for something but I'm sorry for the yawns today guys I've Been up since like five in the morning I Didn't get a lot of sleep Um So the web 3 Integrations follow Alongside the chess's uh the chess World's gradual Embrace of digital Mediums The Federation says more than 100 Million people play online chess Regularly and compete in over 25 million Virtual chess matches each day despite Mainstream excitement for web 3 and nfts Declining in recent months federations Like the fide still see potential in the Industry to grow its sport the governing Body of table tennis launched a similar Web 3 campaign last August the Collaboration between fide and avax Which is the Avalanche also isn't the First time that chess has castled with Crypto chess Legend Gary Kasparov Launched his first collection of nfts Earlier this month and play to earn Chess games such as meta chess have been Popular for much of the past year which Mata chess is pretty cool but to be Completely honest with you guys I am on Uh chess.com but maybe if you guys want We'll check this out In the after party which you can check

Out of course by checking the pinned Comment in the live chat on YouTube There we go We can chat we can talk Hmm we always have more [Music] Drink some more root beer boys All right Foreign Consensus magazine uh ransomware payouts Declined in 2022 Crystal blockchain We're actually going to cover this in The next show Uh the next big one of course is the dag Knight protocol Community crowd fund is Live right now Um it's hit 44 of its total go goal Which is 30.9 million out of 70 million Casper needed and they say we are Excited to announce the opening of a Pool to raise funds for implementation Of the dag Knight protocol and they Provide the address you can see of Course the current balance on the Block Explorer if you like And you can see which wallets have Donated And so on if you would like you could Also mine to this address if you would Like that sort of thing so what is it Doing well dag Knight is a new consensus Protocol that achieves responsiveness a World first It reacts to the actual Network delay

Unlike every other coin including their Current go stack protocol incredibly it Retains a 50 Byzantine tolerance so it Is a it is faster and more secure than Ghostag in a nutshell dag Knight will Make Caspa One require less Confirmations to be provably secure and Two intrinsically scale as the internet Speeds increase basically as the Internet gets faster over the next Decades with more fiber optic cables Etc Casper will scale with this without any Hard Fork interventions this will make Our coin literally the ultimate layer One proof of work coin in existence why 70 million it is unreasonable to expect A senior software engineer and Contributor to work a short-term Horizon For the same compensation they would Receive in a permanent position which Would include benefits Etc This is something within crypto that I Feel is rightfully contentious And that is essentially this idea that Devs of cryptocurrencies need to be paid Um And this is obviously because the idea Behind cryptocurrency from a principled Standpoint from a fundamental standpoint Is like you look at the Holy Grail there Of Bitcoin which was you know created And developed And Dispersed out to the world without any

Ego attached and so yeah I have to be Careful here because people obviously Misinterpret the word ego when I use the Word ego I mean an individuals and and Individual's Um Caring of self right or their image or Whatever it may be right so when you When you say like when you look at most Cryptos what I usually will say is like Well it has a people problem and to be Fair every single crypto pretty much Outside of like Bitcoin and Dogecoin all Have a people problem which means they Inevitably have an ego problem which can Turn into a negative you know for a coin Pretty fast because you're you're Dependent on an individual for the Development and so on of a particular Currency that you're invested in which Really starts to kind of turn it into a Security as well now does that mean I'm Calling Casper security no does it mean That from the perspective of the SEC Could it be deemed security if you are Basically purchasing it in in In hopes that somebody else is Completing the work well it could be Considered that especially if you read Why the donation is 70 million is being Made which is being made so that Somebody works on it It is to a certain extent a gray area That I think is questionable in general

Across all cryptocurrencies it does this Put Casper in a negative position in Comparison to everything else no the Only one that puts it in like puts it Below is like obviously Bitcoin right Every or May and we can throw Dogecoin In there as well Um so we'll put you know from a Fundamental perspective Bitcoin is the Holy Grail Dogecoin happened by accident And then everything else right and so It's like Yes obviously you want people to be Compensated for the work they do But if we are looking at really changing A monetary system why are we still Participating by the Rules of the previous monetary system Right It Bri it just brings up that kind of Oddity uh in my in my humble opinion and From a philosophical debate I think you Could sit here all day long and and Bounce back and forth I'm not saying That people don't deserve to get paid I'm not saying that anything is Inherently wrong with it or anything Like that just that these are the Arguments that are presented and I think That there it is completely valid to Make those arguments against the Majority of cryptocurrencies including Casper right Um but not exclusive to Casper which is

Extremely important because I know it's Going to just make its way to Casper Discord and there's going to be some Casper Fanboys they're like I'm on Sobbing again you know what guys get Over yourselves like seriously it's just It's old dude like Listen to what I say don't take it out Of context understand what I'm what I'm Explaining to you from a Bitcoin Maximalist perspective okay Um so consider we are funding two of the Most incredibly gifted and professional Crypto minds of the current decade Already intimately Versed and fluent With all of the intricate components of Caspa working nearly one year full time Implementing the Paramount version of The consensus protocol normally funding This from a VC would require millions of USD can you feel how extremely bullish It is that we are asking to be paid in Casper and not Bitcoin or usdc which I Think is a fair point How much to donate the requested amount Is point five percent of the total Current Supply fortunately not everyone Will donate Or unfortunately for many reasons the Most common would be that survival Instinct we have all come to know as of As greed it's counter-intuitive to get More by giving some away yeah but like It's

Billy to make that argument as well So it's like we're going to make the Greed argument To get you to give us more right this is Like when I mean it's basically like the Equivalent of the church asking you to Tithe right it's like It's a little silly it's like you should Be this altruistic person but we're Gonna take your like I just don't like I Don't like the manipulative like Language when people do it like that Like I I get where the point's coming From but you gotta understand like it Does it doesn't it's not gonna help But in general I don't think this is the Way they should have been worded at all Next time call me for some Consulting Um It's okay just ask any squirrel who is Out collecting nuts but in the case of Caspa we are fortunate that the nuts Don't stay nuts thanks to software they Cannot they can change imagine you have 50 regular cars and you have an Opportunity to give one car away which Will make the 49 you have left in turn Turn into race cars now who would say no To that actually race cars are extremely Unreliable and so if you gave away one Reliable car for 49 race cars that blew Up after one pass at the quarter mile Um then they're [ __ ] worthless

Once again a terrible argument so you Guys really should like use like come on I'd rather have one car that will drive For 365 days then 49 cars that will each Drive for one day Okay Oh my God Uh All right so they'd like to draw a Special attention to the fact that if we Want to collect 0.5 of the current Supply each one of Casper holders should Donate point five percent of what they Currently have but since not everyone Will donate each donor is kindly asked To consider donating one to two percent Of his possessions for those who would Prefer usdt donations we still have the Following usdt addresses all funds Collected there to be used to Market uh Buy Casper ASAP with the following Transfer to the DK fund and they have Their ethereum address their TRC 20 and Their BEP binance address all there it's Linked down in the description below if You do want to consider to donate of Course to Caspa and to the developers to Support them uh do I agree with their Their final arguments here on how much You should donate no I think they're Very very poorly written informed Unfortunately do I think that dagner Knight is extremely interesting in in a Good move forward for Caspa yes I do

I think 70 million Casper is reasonable For developer pay Sure but do I have questions about you Know what happened to the original Three Percent that was like funded from the Miners that went through all that yes I'm like I I guess to a certain extent you could Blow through that in a year pretty Easily they're still like what happened Why did the company also get 8 million In the completely dissolved where did That money go that like There's just Casper is the most exciting thing that Is currently happening within Cryptocurrency for this bear Market And that means it needs to be more Heavily scrutinized than anything else Currently out Okay we are not going to end up in a Position like this is the same position You end up in or I end up in with every Single project that I talk about and I Bring it to the attention of everybody I Talk about I talk about what's awesome And then when there are things that are Questionable I'm like hmm that's Questionable and everybody gets their Panties in a [ __ ] wad unwide your Panties understand that I think that Casper has the chance to do something Extremely special and to scrutinize it Is to support it

All right let's go ahead and talk about Some more stuff here Oh Block where customer accuses Bitcoin Mining firm of fraud the lawsuit seeks At least 250 000 of damages Foreign Bitcoin mining equipment and hosting Provider blockware Solutions has accused Or was accused by a customer in a Lawsuit of breach of contract Negligence and or deceptive trade Practices and fraud the case filed in U.S federal court in the northern District of Illinois on December 17th Centers around an allegation that block Where sold faes and Company or phase and Company fees and Company phase and Company I think 50 mining rigs for 525 Thousand dollars They said in the lawsuit quote blockware Did not actually own or operate a Facility to host the miners and was not Capable of doing so reliably Also the facilities owned by Third Parties that blockware could tap didn't Have reliable power resulting in subpar Service according to this suit as a Result phase miners under block Ware's Management and control have experienced Prolonged downtime in Inoperate ability due to lack of power Resulting in significant loss of Revenue Phase argued they said it had suffered

At least 250 000 of Damages London-based face said it ordered the Machines to be delivered and hosted in Block where his own facilities in January when Bitcoin mining was highly Profitable amid a bull market the rigs Only came online in April face said the Mining machines were running with 70 Uptime on average as of October as Opposed to the advertised 100 percent They said Operational issues according to phase Started as soon as the machines were Online which eventually became Non-operational in October prior to the Machines going offline blockware was Claiming 100 uptime on a 90-day status Page including for a facility in Pennsylvania where phase rigs were Located often not working according to The lawsuit in response blockware CEO Madison Jeff said quote we disagree with All statements and claims made by Christian FaZe he attempted to coerce us To settle with him and we believe we owe Him zero dollars in fact we will be Counter suing him for defamation among Other stipulations we had a signed Non-disclosure agreement on file we have A very strong case his filing has Baseless false claims and are and after Filing he still offered to drop the case If we settled once again coercion Coercion oh man

Hmm we believe the main reason for Filing was the value of his rigs dropped In price and he has harassed us with his Personal threats weekly via text and Other Communications until fulfilling The lawsuit we are confident it will be Tossed out from the court we have Honestly served this industry for over Five and a half years and and this has Been first file the first lawsuit filed Against us So many things to really unpack here for Me personally right so if you guys Aren't aware like I did extremely well On YouTube as well as extremely well in Mining um the thing that I did and Decided to do very early on Um was not expand with the revenue or The investment of other individuals well That means I didn't make as much money And it also means that I have to work a Day drop through the bear market and That sort of thing what it also means is I don't have to deal with this BS I own All of my equipment and I purchased it Outside of a bull run so it didn't cost Me that much and yes I made some Mistakes here and there but those Mistakes are mine solely I can accept The responsibility for it and I don't Have to answer to anybody else in General the fact of the matter is like Blockware is being Devoid of empathy in this particular

Situation in addition to that they prey On individuals with the Bull Run Hardware Resellers as well as the initial Manufacturers like bitmain right uh and Likewise minor and then of course the Resellers even going through ones like The sponsors for this channel right Um like BT miners what you will see is a Position in a bull run where the price Of the unit is 600 percent of over Whatever like manufacturing or Traditional retail cost is right and Then you get to a bear market and you Start to realize true cost of these Machines as they go as low as they Possibly can as close to the building as Close to the profit margins as they can And you start to say that like obviously You didn't have to increase your prices To that extent right putting undue Pressure on individuals and preying on Their basically on On their lack of knowledge that's what You're doing in this particular case So I can see individuals like phase Getting extremely upset and then if any Of the accusations are true and he they Have not maintained a hundred percent Uptime then of course you're going to be Extra upset surrounding this now when You are in a financially compromised Position you are also probably wanting To settle out of court so that you do

Not have as many lawyer fees right this Is par for the course Unfortunately like there will not be Much empathy in a bear Market in the Crypto industry right blockware is at Least the second retail-facing Mining Company to be accused of operational Problems this year in July both the CEO And Chief Financial Officer of compass Mining resigned following a series Of setbacks and disappointments such as Delays in machine deployment deploying Machines and several thousand rigs being Stranded in Russia following sanctions On its hosting partner in that country Meanwhile major industrial scale miners Such as compute North and core Scientific have found themselves in Bankruptcy proceedings squeezed between High Energy prices and low Bitcoin Prices along with basically just frankly Being too greedy and buying too many Mining rigs at too high of a price this Is kind of the funny thing that happens Here with the cycle that continues to Happen it's almost as if Satoshi knew this would happen which is Extremely interesting if you start to Get into that kind of like economic Discussion where There's economies of scale right so how Do you break down economies of scale to Ensure that you don't have a situation Where the rich get richer and the poor

Get poorer well you could have some sort Of emission schedule that completely Jacks with it right and to a certain Extent it does appear that that Bitcoin Does this it's kind of funny Um Whether it's by Design I I don't think So I do think it's probably by and large And An accident right but It is funny to see Um to a certain extent right it's almost Like you start to see the failure of Economies of scale Due to the greed right Um Now Speaking of greed we go back to that Kind of argument for supporting dag Knight and then you're like If you support a project like that do They lean more into the greed the VC Funding and stuff like that or do they Lean more towards satoshi's Vision right It's kind of funny Um it's just like some food for thought For you guys but there is apparently This article is locked down but we'll Get into this too Um it was speaking of the core Scientific and core scientific is filing For bankruptcy so Bitcoin minor core Scientific files for bankruptcy and Expect support from some debt holders

The publicly traded minor expects Support from some of the holders of its Convertible notes in a restructuring Deal so they will be restructuring of Course scientific one of the largest Bitcoin miners by computing power filed For bankruptcy protection on Wednesday And reached a deal with some of its Lenders to restructure its debt the Company filed for chapter 11 at Southern District of Texas Bankruptcy Court as Crypto winter continues to take its toll On the industry the miners estimated Liabilities are between 1 billion and 10 Billion dollars that's quite the Gap According to the filing It has around one thousand to five Thousand creditors with the largest Unsecured claim coming from Investment Bank B Riley the miners estimated assets Are between 1 billion and 10 billion Dollars according to filing at the end Of the third quarter core Scientifics Assets stood at 1.4 billion dollars Whereas its liabilities were at about 1.3 billion dollars according to its Earnings report The bankruptcy of course scientific Which accounts for about 10 percent of The computing power on the Bitcoin Network operating 143 000 mining Rigs And hosting another hundred thousand is The biggest one yet and is set to send Shock waves in an already crumbling

Industry Of course scientific reached an Agreement with some of its creditors in What appears to be a pre-packaged Bankruptcy in a pre-packaged bankruptcy The debtor reaches some sort of Agreement with its daddy before Officially finally filing for bankruptcy The Miner expects to support or expect Support from some of its convertible Note holders in the form of two debtor In possession facilities totaling up to 75 million dollars core scientific said In a press release This support will help it go through the Bankruptcy process which it intends to Do swiftly in the press release or that That's what the press release said the Miner had 544 million in convertible Notes outstanding at the end of the Third quarter existing convertible note Holders will equitize their debt into a Significant majority of the common stock Of the reorganized company end quote the Mining firm said other holders of General unsecured claims and existing Common shareholders will also receive Meaningful recoveries in the form of Reorganized common stock in warrants Under the restructuring deal the company First warned of the risk of bankruptcy In late October and it said it wouldn't Be paying some of its loan installments Sending its shares plummeting 80 on the

NASDAQ in November it reiterated that it May run out of money by the year end of The year Last week Investment Bank B Riley Proposed a 72 million dollar financing Plan including 40 million of financing Immediately and with zero contingencies However the rest of the funding would be Made available once Bitcoin hit 18 500. Core scientific has 42 million dollars Outstanding to the bank instead of Course I instead core scientific expects To seal a deal with a group representing More than 50 percent of the holders of Its convertible notes that will grant Its 56 million dollars in a dip facility The no holders have agreed to Syndicate Up to 19 million in new money dip Facility loans to all holders of Convertible notes the Wednesday press Release set these funds along with Ongoing cash generated from operations Are anticipated to provide necessary Financing to F uh Fq8 uh what I don't know I actually Don't know this word let's go uh Look it up I don't know how to pronounce It Effectuate effectuate that that makes a Lot of sense the plan uh restructuring Facilitate the emergence from chapter 11 And cover the fees uh and expenses of Legal and financial advisors the minor Said core scientific operations remain

Significantly cash flow positive and on A debt-free basis the press release said So that's pretty good Core scientific is one of the several Miners struggling to keep afloat as Rising Energy prices increase costs While stubbornly low Bitcoin prices Slash Revenue compute North another Major firm in the space filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in late September Iris energy had to unplug about 72 Percent of his computing power that was Tied to just over 100 million dollars of Loans that it defaulted on the loans Were held by special purpose Non-recourse vehicles in November Argo Blockchain's deal to sell 27 million Dollars of equity to fund operations Fell through and the company was Subsequently downgraded by two analysts Green Ridge generation on Tuesday Announced a debt restructuring deal with Its lender and why dig but could still Run out of cash in two months if it Doesn't secure at additional funding Course scientific has also been affected By the bankruptcy of lender Celsius Network's mining arm one of its biggest Clients And lender to block five to which it Owes 50 more 4 million dollars which is Hilarious because obviously that entire Thing is just going down going you know Going down the drain extremely quickly

Celsius mining filed for chapter 11 Bankruptcy in July and in September sued Core scientific claiming it violated Automatic stay terms core scientific Claims Celsius owes it 5.2 million Dollars as of September 30th block 5 Filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy Protection in late November one of the Many victims of crypto exchange ftx's Implosion no we are not going to allow That narrative I'm sorry block flies Failure came way before FTX they were Bailed out by FTX and then FTX failed Blackfy was bailed out they were a Failure long before FTX There is no world in which you should Basically move that blame off of block Five themselves And you should be extremely cautious Surrounding anybody that moves from Block 5 to another cryptocurrency Project Okay Don't like it when they frame it like That it's deceptive Core scientific was running 243 000 Machines in its facilities as of the end Of October split between 14.4 eggs a Hash a second of bitcoin's self-binding Hash rate and 10 exahash a second of Hosted machines for other firms According to the filing that's about 10 Of the global hash rate which stands at Around 243 eggs a hash a second as of

Riding the company went public in January 20 After January of 2020 After merging with power and digital Infrastructure acquisition is special Purpose acquisition company transaction Shares of course guy and typically were Down around 27 percent at 15 cents a Share during pre-market strategy So there you go guys pretty much like I Said the miners are starting to Capitulate fail there's going to be a Lot of mergers and Acquisitions it's Kind of been like the story for a while So Um Let's talk about what I'm mining Because we Pro we promised that for you Guys Uh here on YouTube so I did turn on my Rigs Or a lot of them because it's cold Um so I'm warming up the mining Farm And uh Drinking soda makes me gassy I got a Burp there we go okay Hmm You ready Um we're mining A mix of radiant on our Nvidia gpus or 3000 Series gpus I should say and Mining Minor Oleum mine on no monolium I can't Really pronounce it M-i-n-e-o-n-l-i-u-m uh with the rest of

The gpus and we're doing that solo I did Have a node but then I had some Infrastructure issues we'll be getting It fixed and probably building out a Node for you guys and doing the guide For you on that uh if I can find the Time obviously the day jobs taking Priority right now but we are mining Hit solo there's no real price really at This point that is why I'm mining it is It another Caspa no but there are some Interesting things happening with it Specifically Um surrounding some developments that We'll talk about over on locals but Things have been fixed for example is References to ethereum on the network as Opposed to actually Mo have been Corrected there's active development uh While it is slow there is active Development and there's stuff being done So I was like yeah while we warm up we Will just go ahead and hit this and get It done keep our pipe swarm out there That sort of thing and it will be Shutting off probably as soon as it Warms up which will be early next week So that's what I'm mining right now and Then obviously the radiant which is Pretty easy as well so there you go Hmm I wanted to basically let you guys be Aware of that so let's talk about Hash rate

Um all right so ethereum classic is it 129 Tera Hash a second It's up 1.5 over the past seven days And obviously down quite a bit on the Amount of hash we got eth proof of work Up 0.74 over the past seven days and is Actually up in hash rate to 20 Tera Hash A second on the network and then there Is the ethereum fair which is up 124 Over the past seven days kind of getting Some pump on that Justin Sun coin there For you guys and it is at 2.6 Terah six Eight terahash a second Now I love how my auto complete is g203 bit Boy crypto and Son of a tech I don't Know why Auto complaint on this right Now So Bitcoin The Big Daddy obviously we want to take A look at it up 1.13 over the past seven Days and a pretty significant drop in in Hash rate right coming down off of like That 280X Ash a second all the way down To 200 exit Hash a second Now the time to mine Bitcoin Well we got like a weight like what a Week before the difficulty adjusts Yeah about a week Is it like a week on bitcoin I think It's like a week something like that but There you go uh other than that let's Take a look at ergo Which is down five percent four point

Nine one percent over the past seven Days and sitting still around like that 30 terahash a second on the network Cass was right behind it we're looking At 304 terahashes a second on the Network and it's down two percent over The past seven days And we got flux Flux is up six percent over the past Seven days it is sitting at 5.46 Mega Solutions a second Not looking too shabby right now Obviously some people talk about it in Chat so definitely something you want to Take a look at Radiant uh it's down almost two percent And sitting at 64 terahash a second on The network and then I believe since We're here we will look at minolium but It's not really going to show you much Because There's basically only three pools and No price chart for you so there you go Now Other than that what's mine's pretty Much going to tell you nothing's Profitable right so you gotta do Calculations outside of what's mine you Gotta work on overclocks under clocks All that right like radiant shows like Losing two cents a day 10 cents a Kilowatt hour it is profitable if you Tune it in right so you can get on Radiant better hash rate

Let's just take a look in example 1.2 Gigahash a second at 150 watts Let's go ahead and look 1.2 at 151 okay because I I do oh well Not a good example another thing we'll Be doing over on locals is we don't have The we apparently do not have The overclock's assigned so Where do we Um it actually looks like we do So did they update radiant as well or uh Casper They didn't update Casper they updated Radiant So radiant's accurate Casper's not All right we'll have to do some more Research on this and get you guys final Answers All right so Asic minor profitability I can't expose my source but I do Believe the ka3 is Basically rumored to be delayed K7s will be on time in January I think It was Anyways a minor l7s are at 267 a day on Digibytes obviously probably does better On why that's crazy What is it really doing on Doge 1272 merge Mining digibyte and does Right now Foreign Did you bite really popping a minor D7

Looking pretty good too Doing okay on dash Then we got the gold shell hs3 uh just So you guys know there was an Announcement from of course bit main With a new handshake Miner that is Basically 450 percent better than the Gold shell hs3 so while it's profitable Right now I'd be extremely cautious Around it the ipolo V1 is working on That Dae which I have yet to look into Of course that is going to be Um Ethereum and it does look like ethereum Fair is becoming profitable as well Which is interesting because of that Recent pump that we just talked about Earlier that we saw so ethereum fair is Going to be an interesting one Other than that Um ant minor s19 Pro is still going to Be negative I think yeah negative Unfortunately at 10 cents a kilowatt Hour let's get into questions and Answers for the day I appreciate each And every one of y'all remember super Chats are never required I always Appreciated first to be read because They're the easiest to read In addition to that we will still be Doing an after party talking about Things that YouTube doesn't like us to Talk about Including but not limited to

Um unvaccinated versus vaccinated deaths In covid As well as we will be talking about the Meta chess we'll also be talking about Ransomware payouts declined uh We're also going to be talking about Most importantly I think the U.S dollar And how everybody else in the world is Searching for a new Reserve currency as We speak So Um just tag add some of the tech if you Have a question we'll get into we got About 10 minutes and then we're going to Be or nine minutes really at this point And then we're going to be moving over To locals you can check out the pinned Comment Or pinned chat in the uh live chat so Ravenboy crypto says that's on the tech Do you think with all the issues Ergo Had this fall that it will still be a Good coin to hold next Bull Run I'm extremely suspicious at the amount Of control Charles hoskinson has over Ergo And I have too many I have too much tin foil Hats surrounding Ergo and what's going On in the community once again the Biggest problem with Ergo is that it has A people problem And the devs definitely have an ego Problem

And a majority of the community Is willing to Um support unethical and immoral Decisions based off of the pure fact That other people make the same immoral And unethical decisions So it's like rape and murder because Other people rape and murder and Obviously it's not to that extent but Um you know I don't think that A A project that won't adhere to its own Manifesto is one that I have much Respect for So I'm not really worried about the Price of it because I don't really care To participate in it anymore That's my two cents Um Let's see so Babelfish has some attack My whole Farm is 68.5 gigahash a second At 7 500 watts congrats good sir Carl says yes I think I ordered two Ipolo G1 minis mistaker no I don't do Confirmation bias my friend sorry Carl Rosa says at some of the tech uh Nvidia Blackwell RTX 50 I haven't looked Into it Mind something says that's something do You think it's possible dag Knight is Done and they are just squeezing some Donations out of us No I think it's the bear market and people

Are looking for money You know Um If it was Everybody's hurting so it's not Surprising to see like I don't mind like The fundraising stuff like I said Like in the case of Casper it's just It's just an oddity right like or not an Oddity it's common but it is a it is Like a a red flag that I would pay Attention to right like why why is it You know what does this lead to Um that sort of thing right and I really Didn't like the way it was written Felt like it had too many fallacies in It Felt like I felt like I was at church Having the preacher yell at me to give Him his money Well I drive like a beat up old Honda Accord and he's driving around an Escalade you know what I mean Steve thanks for the 20 Super Chat how Are you doing today And then they always tell you it's for The greater good my man How is ergo centralized I never said it was centralized Nano says it's centralized I suppose Um Dads do not make all the decisions Because the Voting is done with mining However in the particular case that I

Have an issue with Ergo is specifically The decision to Accept and utilize the ethereum classic Twitter and repurpose it for ergo I also think that when there was an Issue brought to their attention that Could have started voting on way before Migration Uh off of ethereum they could have Admitted that there was an issue and Moved off of it earlier and probably Been in a much better position now than They currently are Ryan Casper says ask Somebody how do you feel about building A farm with ipolo jasminer Ethan Etc Miners I don't know I don't really have A feeling either way I don't think I would do it Um personally Amigos PC says all the token is Pre-minted to a Smart contract which can Be controlled by the desk that is So that is correct Um Theoretically can be controlled by the Devs Has not been controlled by the devs to Be clear has been voted on Via mining Right Um that being said the monetary policy Can be manipulated has been manipulated Historically And Um

Appears to not be set in a manner that Was well thought out right so because we We talked about this before where you Know once they had to do the re-emission It's like you want me to believe you're Really you're really good developer but Then you have basic mathematical and Economic issues with the coin I guess to a certain extent all Blockchains have that same issue though [Music] Um But then the way they do their Readmissions very weird right so I don't know Um Mind something says uh thoughts on Nexa Really I haven't had time to do anything But think about Centos and Databases and Uh Real world [ __ ] instead of crypto so I Don't really I I haven't formed an Opinion on Nexa yet unfortunately I'm Sorry Nano nxpc says that sound effect Do you feel that mining votes is enough To qualify as decentralized versus Bitcoin node updates I mean you're Talking about node updates to support it Right so when I say mining it really is Still you update the node right Uh to whatever the vote is going to be That's how the votes have always gone With ergo

Um the only like caveat to that was the Tokenized voting on an individual minor Basis they get blocked in which is Really cool and I think very innovative So um I think there's always like good Actors and Innovations within every Project but you should be extremely Careful surrounding all projects right So you got to be careful right Um Foreign Yeah get Block is out of business we Talked about that last week All right ladies and gentlemen boys and Girls please head on over to locals or If you prefer you can go on over to the Rumble live stream It will continue the show over there After a brief 10 minute break so you can Check it the locals page as well out in The main page And uh if you don't like getting Political You know Do yourself a favor and just Don't show up If you can discuss things reasonably Without name calling Etc come on over Let's have a good time Brandon Higgins With the 10 super chat before we go Thank you good sir says ask some of the Tech have you heard anything strange With invalid shares with mini z minor Since the newest Hive OS update no I

Have not he does say that he came home Today with a 60 ratio even when you Rolled back the update that was working Fine before sorry unfortunately I don't Have an answer for you there we are Going to continue like I said over on Another platform though so I hope to see You guys over there and we'll get Started right now See you next Tuesday Check

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