All 11 Bitcoin SP ETFs just got accepted And on today's video I will talk about What this mean for the market because Yes today is the day that these ETFs Will be going live and like Bloomberg Has stated they are predicting an inflow Of 4 billion used dollars on the first Day and if4 billion used dollars in by Pressure were to be entering the Bitcoin Market I can guarantee you it will cause A massive gigantic pump towards the Upside so I will be discussing this on Today's update video I will talk about What will happen today I will talk about Many more important stuff so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap the Like button back above 500 likes that Will be absolutely incredible and with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content so in Yesterday's emergency video I talked About that I was expecting that Bitcoin First will be making a slight push Towards the upside once the ETF gets Approved and after that we will see the Takeoff for Bitcoin and this is Currently my drawing so far it has been Exactly playing out here and honestly I Think that today is really the day where Bitcoin will be going exponential and Let me quickly explain why of course Yesterday we got the acceptance of the 11 Bitcoin split ETFs but it all matters About when they're going to go live on

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The market and today is the day that the Bloomberg analyst James seford is also Expecting that they are going to be Going live so it's either going to be Today or tomorrow the general consensus Is that they will be getting approved Tomorrow since all these issuers have Been filing for an fostter launching on The market and it also is already Approved so we're expecting that today The Bitcoin SP TF will be going live and That will be massive for the market Bloomberg predicts that more than4 Billion US Dollars will be flowing in Towards the Bitcoin SP ETF on the first Day and honestly if 4 billion US dollars Were to be flowing in it is going to be Massive we're going to be is seeing a Massive continuation for Bitcoin towards The upside and yes the real buy pressure Comes from new money entering the market And you have to understand when the ETF Goes live it has a one-on-one backing With real Bitcoin so what will this be Doing it will be adding a lot of new buy Pressure on the price section of Bitcoin So what are we seeing currently on the Price section of Bitcoin on the 1 hour Time frame we're creating this megaphone Pattern and honestly you can clearly see That we're getting rejected from the top Side of resistance and supported from The Lower Side of support every single Time we touch it and once we break the

Top side of resistance honestly that is The point where I will be expecting Bitcoin is going to start flying and Just like I talked about this major Resistance here in the market it is Still that level that currently is Providing and holding us up as big Support so things are looking quite Decent for Bitcoin and I tell you once We break this resistance then we are Going to be seeing that bitcoin price Action really shoot towards the upside So you can clearly see the Bitcoin SP ETF window we exactly called it it Exactly got approved yesterday on the Time I also predicted here in my Previous upd this video on the channel So yeah make sure to subscribe to the Channel if you want to be staying up to Date about all these Market developments Quickly looking about where the Liquidity is laying in the market there Is not necessarily a lot of liquidity Above or below us so currently we're Just waiting for liquidity to be Building up in the market again and on That point I can start to say okay now I Think Bitcoin is going to go down or now I think Bitcoin is going to go up but More importantly you have to understand If you're looking at Bitcoin we are Currently creating a bearish Divergence But to be very honest if I was purely Looking at the chart right now here I

Would have said okay I am currently back Is but due to the fact of everything Ongoing behind the charts on of course The news and of course the fundamentals Of Bitcoin I would say it could Definitely go much higher from of this Point onwards so that is my expectation I think Bitcoin could go much higher From of this point onwards since indeed These ETFs are launching today and it's Going to be adding thousands or sorry Billions in buy pressure on bitcoin so We can currently see we're trading in The rep box here if I'm zooming out on The weekly time frame you can see that This is the most important resistance Out there in this market and once we Break up of this level guys honestly I Think alltime highs is going to be the Next resistance for Bitcoin so this is Really the level to look at where I Think Bitcoin could have a massive Rejection but just like I said on the Imminent short term I still think that Today we're going to be having a super Bullish day here once the ETF goes live Because that is the point where buy Pressure is going to be entering the Market and I mean honestly I could to do Some ta but it is very hard to predict On how much money exactly is going to be Flowing in one thing I do know and that Is I that I think the narrative is going To be very bullish and I talked about

This three days ago as well my Twitter Guys that I think that the next Narrative is going to be the ethereum ETF and I said this three days ago I Tweeted this three days ago and Currently yesterday etherium went up With 10% and I tweeted about it before And I said it already you have to spot The narrative early and I think that the Next narrative in the entire industry is Going to be the ethereum spot ETF so I Think that everyone is going to be Talking about that and that is going to Be pushing the ethereum price action Also much higher so everyone who was Speculating on bitcoin ETF will now go To ethereum to speculate over there so Make sure to also check it out guys but If you want to be trading Bitcoin Ethereum or any altcoin make sure to Check out buybit in the link description Of today's video they can currently give You a deposit bonus worth $40,000 if you Sign up an account using that link below But without this link it's only 400 so It's a win-win situation and on top of That you could claim a free $1,000 trade And all you need to do for that is Literally go to the link description of Today's video sign up an account using That link below complete kyc deposit $100 in your first 7 days and you could Claim a free 1,000 Trade it is that simple and you could

Claim it yourself right now to start Learning trading basically with a free $1,000 so check it out the link Description and if you can't trade there Fmax is doing a 10% cash back and you Can trade there without kyc and that is Of course a thing we all like here so if You can't do kyc and you want to get a 10% cash back on everything you're Depositing go to fmax in the link Description of today's video where you Can also claim that insane deposit bonus So we can currently see that on the Three-day time frame Bitcoin is just Having that very strong breakout here And honestly on the weekly time frame Everything is just going as planned There's nothing really going unexpected So far for Bitcoin and I still will say This I still think that we're in the Beginning of a next gigantic bull cycle And maybe we are still going to be Having a 30% draw down maybe we're still Going to be dropping here but you have To have that long-term vision and I Honestly do think the 2024 is going to Be the year where Bitcoin is going to Hit new ultim highs I think the 2024 SL Beginning 2025 is going to be the year Where Bitcoin will hit $100,000 and Especially with these Bitcoin sport ETFs Guys these Pension funds these large St Scale institutions can jump in towards The hype uh while Bitcoin um is

Generating that so you have to Understand the bigger perspective and Also blackrook literally stated their s That they're expecting $2 billion inflow In their own Bitcoin spot ETF and yeah Overall we're going to be probably Seeing four billion in the first day so Trading goes live today guys this is the Point where the bull market is going to Be starting this is the point where you Should not get fooled and this is the Point where you should be getting ready So this was it for me today's upd this Video guys thanks so much for watching And I'll see you guys on the next one Peace out goodbye

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