Bitcoin is currently still getting Rejected by this exact level of Resistance right here but at this exact Moment of time a lot of new short Positions are piling up around that 38.5k level and more than $400 million Us do in short positions will get Liquidated if Bitcoin hits this level so I will be exactly explaining about what Currently is going on with the Bitcoin CM Gap with the price action what we're Currently seeing what the exact Narrative we have in the market and many More important charts we need to discuss Right now so without any further Ado Don't forget to slap that like button Back about 400 likes on today's update Video and with that being said let me Jump straight away in towards the Imminent short term so for the ones that Maybe missed my emergency update that I Brought out yesterday Bitcoin has right Now pumped back towards the upside and Already have been filling up the CME Gap That we created around that 38.4k level What we were expecting is going to be Happening within 48 to 72 hours and it Did happen within 40 hours of after the Creation of the CME Gap so once again The Bitcoin CME Gap is filled up like we Were expecting looking at the imited Short term however Bitcoin Still Remains To be creating higher lows after higher Lows after higher lows and it was not a

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Big surprise that we were actually Bouncing from of this level you can see That this strength is right now still Continuing and also Bitcoin remains to Be creating higher lows every single Time as well so Bitcoin is looking Actually quite strong here for this Trend that we're currently trading in And honestly most likely I will be Expecting that this trend will just keep Continuing towards the upside why is Because purely due to the fact of the Narrative I mean honestly right now Within days the Bitcoin SP ETF is going To get accepted and why would you sell Your Bitcoin right now moments before The Bitcoin SPO ETF could get accepted And we do know once the SPO ETF gets Accepted we're going to get such a Gigantic pump towards the upside I mean Honestly it is just pretty silly if You're going to be selling right now and Due to that people are just not really Selling and that is why we are having Reduced sell pressure and that is why we Create these higher lows every single Time because no one is willing to sell Their Bitcoin right now of course this Could change after the ETF comes out Because then people could say okay was This the pump okay maybe I'm going to be Exiting the markets right now but this Is the narrative that we're currently Looking at another very important thing

To be looking at right now here is that Of course the Bitcoin liquidation heat Map I mean honestly I predicted this Move towards the upside yesterday to be Happening due to the fact that there was So much liquidity laying here on the top Side I mean honestly I tweeted so many Times about it it also got 240,000 views But I talked about that probably Bitcoin Is going to go to 38,000 Us doll I also Said it on yesterday's video because the Majority of the liquidations were laying Above us and this time around again more Than $400 million US dollars worth of Bitcoin liquidations are laying above us So I won't be actually surprised that Bitcoin potentially could go once again Up towards that 38.6k level squeeze out All these short positions and and then Potentially move down again here but Right now as well it looks to be that Some long positions could be piling up Here on the lower side also worth an Approximately 200 million us do so There's definitely importance to be also Looking towards the downside but Currently the majority of the Liquidations and the closest towards Us Is around the upside so potentially Bitcoin could be once again pushing back Towards the upside and potentially even Form up a new yearly high so also Looking at Bitcoin honestly if you Compare Bitcoin versus the search

Interest you can see that right now we Are not even close towards a market and Honestly the search interest in Bitcoin Is still so low here what also means That the potential upside for us is Extremely high from off this point still Once the Bitcoin search volume is going To be hitting new Alum highs you're Going to be knowing here on the Channel First because that is usly the period Where the top of the boom Market is Going to be at so I will let you know Later once this happens in the boom Market so make sure to subscribe to the Channel right now because then you will Be staying up to date exactly to the Moment this is going to be happening and That way you will be guaranteed to be Winning also on top of that we can Currently see that the teda market cap Has been still increasing tar yesterday Minted another billion US dollar so de Remains to be me minting more staes and Debt could potentially also have a Positive effect on the price action of Bitcoin honestly if we're looking at the 12 hour time frame yesterday I talked About this as well uh I mean honestly This symmet EIC triangle is basically Very important to look at I mean it's The clear upper sloping support line and The clear resistance I mean you can Clearly see one two three and right now Four times in a row we got rejected so

This is an important level if we can Confirm the break Above This level it Will be very bullish for Bitcoin it will Be also meaning the highest 12 hourly Candle close of the entire year for Bitcoin so if we confirm the breakout Above This level honestly the next Target we're going to be looking for is Going to be sitting around 39.8 to 39.7k So this is the level I'm going to be Looking for on bitcoin going to be Keeping my eyes wide open on it uh but Honestly this is really a price Target That I'm going to be aiming for that Bitcoin potentially could be really Reaching here honestly an ascending Triangle is already a typical bullish Bias continuation pattern so since we Already had this bullish momentum Towards the upside we're consolidating Right here we are indeed most likely Going to be seeing that continuation Towards the upside already so things are Looking very strong for Bitcoin honestly If you were to be trading it make sure Go to buybit or either FX so buybit is An exchange where you could be random Claiming it a post bonus up to $40,000 And without the link of description only 400 and on top of that you could make Sure to cck this airw position guys it's Super valuable all you need to do here Is sign up account using the link below Complete kyc and you only have to

Deposit $100 in the first seven days and You could be claiming that free $1,000 Air position for only depositing $100 so Super valuable I'm currently also still On a trade here on bit making an appro Making an approximately $7,000 US in Profit I already closed down Approximately $4,000 so making in about 12 to 11,000 in profit right now here I'm doing a pretty okay job here but Honestly I am looking to be opening up Way bigger trades but currently my Takeprofit is sitting around that 39700 Level 39700 is the target I'm going to Be taking profits at and honestly I Think 39.7k is also a good level to be Taking my profits at so I've not set up My uh take profit yet but I will be Setting it up right now that would Literally make this a 200% gain trade And that is honestly not bad at all and Currently my stop loss is also in profit So for me there is no no risk at all on Holding this straight open and honestly I really think that 39.7k is going to be The next level of resistance so honestly If you're looking at it Bitcoin is Currently breaking out of the Symmetrical triangle it flipped this Previous level of resistance exactly Into support and if you're looking about Where we're currently trading at this is Of course the most important level of Resistance but more importantly this

Level is so important you can clearly See it big support big support big Support and the moment we broke below it Was basically the point where this big Drop off started and the reason why 39.7k is my target is because this is Exactly the drop off point from the top Side and that is 39.7k so those are the Targets that I've currently got in mind For Bitcoin Bitcoin remains to be very Strong and resilient why it's because Purely of the trend Bitcoin remains to Be so strong because people who are not Interested in selling their Bitcoins Moments before this SP ETF gets accepted And right now we're only 41 days out Before the final deadline is going to be There so it's another 41 days before the Bitcoin SP DDF comes and probably will Create a mega pump on the price action Of Bitcoin and just wait before the ETF Gets on the market because that will be An even bigger pump because then all the Institutions they're going to be rushing Into Bitcoin they're going to they are All going to go on a marketing campaign For Bitcoin so it's going to be a very Interesting period in the market and Honestly I think the biggest biggest Gains are still yet to come here Honestly the uh cup handle pattern for Bitcoin $58,000 as price Target I think it's an Easy price Target to be reaching for

Bitcoin so I mean I disc some very Important things I truly hope you did Learn something from it if you did so Don't forget to slap up that like button And of course guys thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next update video here on the channel Peace out goodbye and by the way guys What do you think about I should be Making an altcoin Channel altcoin Rover Where I'm going to discuss altcoins let Me know in the comment section down Below

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