3 Ways on How to Make Money in Crypto!

Dips below thirty thousand dollars There's been a lot of conversation Around bitcoin price targets for Bitcoin The picture is not very pretty is dead Another big issue out there is going to Be crypto Bitcoin fell below thirty Thousand dollars Bitcoin Bitcoin well guys it's Officially happened Bitcoin is dead this Is the time to make money interest rates Are rising all over the world and at the Same time recession fares are at All-time highs we do also know there are Many Bank school apps synced all over The world so this is the time to keep Your money in self City and to make Money using crypto so in this video I Will be talking about the three best Ways on how to make money using crypto And basically how you could use the Market in your advantage because there Are many great opportunities out there In the market right now and I personally Right now think that this is the time to Prepare yourself because in exactly one Year from now on the next Bitcoin Hall Thing will be here what will make Bitcoin an even more scarce asset and That is also exactly the reason why I Think it's extremely important to pay Attention towards this market right now So make sure to watch this video till The end and let's dive straight away in Towards the first topic the first way on

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! Welcome to the Future of Money

How to earn money in crypto is by Staking what you're doing with staking Is basically you're locking up your Tokens in either in exchange or on a Certain wallet and by doing so you're Basically contributing towards the Security and efficiency of the network And for that you basically get granted And reward I am currently staking all my Ethereum that I own and right now in the US all the staking services are Currently getting blocked so what I am Currently doing and what I would Recommend to everyone out there is to at Least get a ledger and on your Ledger You can stake your ethereum through your Ledger and by doing so in this way You're basically in complete Self-custody of staking your ethereum or You could also do it with other coins But if you're in complete self-custody You do not have the third party risks And that is very important because the Main reason why I personally invested in Crypto first of all is to not have the Third party risk of either a bank or a Middleman and if you're going to stake Your crypto through an exchange you do Still will have the third party risk so Make sure that if you are interested in Staking your crypto make sure to do it Either through your Ledger or through a Non-custodian wallet because then it's Basically in your own full custody and

That is the best way to do it in my Opinion if I'm going to look at the Staking rewards you could make up to 5.4 On a yearly basis so let's say you would Invest one hundred thousand dollars and You stake your ethereum you will get 5.4 Return over a year and of course Everything is calculated in ethereum so If the ethereum price decreases you will Probably make of course less returns Maybe even a negative return but that's Due to the fact that your ethereum Decreases but your ethereum amount will Still get that five percent annual Return so it's important to know if You're going to stake your Cryptocurrencies there are always risks Involved and personally I am right now Only staking ethereum but since I've got A long-term Horizon investment strategy I do not worry at all if the price Decreases tomorrow the day after because I only really care where price is going To trade at in four years from now on so If you're interested in like holding Your tokens for a longer time Horizon And especially with ethereum what I do Think is a good long-term hold why don't Hold it for a longer period of time and If you're holding it for a longer period Of time why don't you stake it because That's basically guaranteeing you a Passive way of making money in crypto The second way on how to make passive

Income in crypto is using cryptoc Cryptoc is an AI power trading algorithm That basically automatically trades for You and it makes around a 60 to 70 Return on a yearly basis cryptoc is a Trading algorithm that is settled in Usdt and that is outperforming Bitcoin And in the first six months it has been Live it has outperformed Bitcoin by over 22 percent the reason why this AI power Trading algorithm is better than let's Say dollar cost averaging in towards the Market is due to the fact that this AI Algorithm can foresee whenever the Market is going to be having a big crash Like you can see clearly in the previous Results of the trading algorithm and it Also exactly knows when to step in Towards the market when there's really Going to be a massive massive Market Move so basically it takes out all the Stress that you would have yourself by Trading Bitcoin and basically an AI Powered algorithm is literally doing the Trading for you and if we're talking About trading algorithms or trading Bots Many people usually think it's super Hard to set up but actually to set up This trading bot it takes less than five Minutes and I personally have been using It myself as well for the past eight Months and so far since I've been Starting using cryptoc I've made a net Profit over about 48 what is quite

Significant for something that is Automatically training for you and what I really learned from my experience from Trading Bitcoin and being in the market In general is that many people usually Don't know when to buy once the bottom Is there or when to sell once the top is There and by using an AI trading Algorithm it can literally help you guys I mean I'm saying literally help you Guide it will automatically trade for You but it exactly knows when to take Out the money once Bitcoin is stopping Out or when to enter the market once the Market is low so it basically takes away All the hassle that you need to do all The research and it literally lets you Sit back drink a cocktail at the Swimming pool enjoy the beautiful Weather and at the same time you're Making passive income so if you're Interested in this passive income Strategy go to cryptoc.com check out the Subscription that suits to you and the Lifetime subscription has actually been The most chosen one because once you buy The lifetime subscription you can use The algorithm forever and right now if You use the code robot you can actually Get a five percent discount so make sure To use it right now and the tour best Way on how to make money in crypto is by Trading cryptocurrencies trading Cryptocurrencies is an extremely

Profitable way on how to make tons of Money in crypto but be aware you first Got to learn it and what I mean which You first got to learn it is a bursley Out of my own experience my first three Four years of trading weren't Necessarily profitable I was losing a Lot of money with all my trades and After four years of losing and sometimes Winning significantly hard with trading I finally started became profitable There are people in the market with tens And tens of years of experience and you Are trying to take money of them because What it is with trading is literally You're betting against someone else You're betting that the price is going Up and someone else might be betting the Same and you're right if you're betting The price goes up as someone else who's Got more money is betting the prices Going down it probably will go down so You're betting against the big boys You're trading always against the big Players and that is why it takes a lot Of time before you can actually start to Become good at it what I should Recommend is watch my YouTube channel I Talk about trading every single day on The channel and at the same time out of My own experience I do know that the Best way on how how to trade Bitcoin is By doing it with support and resistance It's a very simple way on training it of

Course you could trade breakout patterns But personally I think the best way to Trade Bitcoin is to by using demand and Supply zones by doing that effectively On let's say the weekly on the monthly On The Daily time frame I am already Guaranteeing you you could start to make Good money from of the beginning firstly I am using bodybued that's my favorite Exchange where I'm trading Bitcoin on You can trade our Bitcoin you can trade All coins and of course like we do know With all coins are usually bigger swings So there are bigger risks involved but Also you could make way more money due To the fact that altcoins are way more Volatile so there are many opportunities In the market right now here especially With trading cryptocurrencies and maybe The most reliable way to trade Cryptocurrencies in the end of the day Is by Swing trading it so to look for an Entry that you can hold open for a Longer period of time and then you can Basically swing the market towards the Upside that is basically how I am Trading Bitcoin I would rather catch Like the big moves then every single Time the small moves on the five minute Time frame I mean on the five minute Time frame you could also trade but if You're just going to be looking at the Bigger picture you're usually more often Right I can tell you that already so

Yeah make sure to watch my daily YouTube Videos where I talk about these trading Strategies where I talk about the market Updates and there you could learn more About trading and if you want to be Having an exchange where you can trade On don't forget to check out buybit in The link in the description right now Because if you sign up an account you Can get actually a deposit bonus up to 30 000 US dollars so make sure to check It out and claim your deposit bonus Right now so there you have it the three Best ways on how to make money in crypto I mean one thing we can all agree on and That is that cryptocurrencies are here To stay so what are you going to use one Of these strategies or whether you're Going to be a long-term investor you can Make a lot of money in this industry so Make sure to do your own research and There's just one fact that we do know And that is that every single four years There will be a Bitcoin whole thing and Until that Bitcoin will become more and More scares and if the ass stays the Same or it will even increase the price Can only go up exponentially so for the Long term I'm very convinced about the Market and with using these strategies You could even make more money and with Using one of these three strategies you Can make even more money than the market Is already allowing you check the links

In the description right now here you Can get a five percent discount if you Used to go to robot right now but that Was it for me on today's tutorial video And I hope to see you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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