Better just printed another billion used Dollars and this could be used as Additional buying pressure for Bitcoin So make sure to watch this video till The end because I will give an update on The very important CME Gap the price Section of Bitcoin and much more Important stuff I will give an update on My trade that is currently in more than 3 000 US dollars in profit and much more Important stuff here because tomorrow we Will have extreme big volatility and in This video I will try to prepare you for This very important week in crypto so Don't forget to slap up that like button On today's update video can we once Again slap off the likes back about 500 That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content Once looking at this see me future short For Bitcoin we can currently see that we Still have got a C megap trading above Us and the CME Gap is currently trading Between 26.6 K and 26.2k I am expecting That this CME Gap will be getting filled Up over the course of this coming week Here usually see Miguel's tend to get Filled up literally 98 of the times that Bitcoin creates the CME Gap always gets Filled up so I wouldn't be surprised if This CME Gap once again is going to get Filled up here currently if we're going To fill it up we will be pushing back up

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Towards 26.6 K and that will be Definitely very bullish for Bitcoin you Can currently see it as well the last Times we create the Simi gap for Bitcoin It took us on a maximum three days Before we were going to fill it up here So that is definitely a very interesting Thing to see furthermore we can see the Bitcoin on the four lay time frame is Still clearly trading in a downtrend We're creating lower highs we're Creating lower lows and basically we're Waiting for potential reversal and like We can currently see here we're creating A falling right here you can see it on The 4la time frame you can see it on the Daily time frame a falling wedge is a Typical bullish bias reversal pattern You can see that we first of all Initially on The Daily time frame we're In an uptrend and right now for the past Few months we've been trading in a Bearish trend here basically ever since We hit that 31 000 we went down for the Past 60 days here so there could be of Course and trend and reversal coming Anytime soon here but for me to call Already a trend reversal back towards The upside we need to see the top side Of resistance getting broken so that is Really what I'm going to be waiting for I am currently playing too long Bitcoin With a 1 million US dollar trade here Currently my trade is only worth in

Approximately 140 000 like you can see Above my head here but I am trying to be Building it up to a million US dollar Position but I will only add more margin Towards this trade if Bitcoin really Goes another leg down here I mean I am Not counting it out right now here Because on the 40 time frame you can Clearly see the Bitcoin is trading in a Bearish trend here so I wouldn't be Surprised if we are going to see a lower Low and it wouldn't be all too big of a Problem for my trade since I am going to Continue to dollar cost average in Towards my trade as the Bitcoin price Action continues to go down here so that Is definitely very interesting to be Seeing right now here I will keep my Eyes wide open on the price section of Bitcoin and like I've said for quite a While right now if Bitcoin moves down to 24 or even 23 000 I am still going to Add more margin towards my trade because I personally think that this level right Here to 25 all the way down to 24 000 is A very important range to be looking at And I personally think that this level Is going to be providing a lot of Support for Bitcoin and that is why it Will be continuing to be buying more Bitcoin and building up my position Basically as Bitcoin goes down here in This trend so that is very important to Know if you want to be following me with

My trades here I mean I'm completely Transparent with all my trades here Don't forget to check out the YouTube Channel subscribe to the channel right Now guys because you will be staying up To date about exactly what I will be Doing with this trade I will give you Guys every single day an update about What it will be doing with the trade and If you're interested in trading yourself As well you could do so on bit Gap Bitcat allows you to trade without VPN Without kyc so if you are interested in Trading bitkit is definitely the place To be here I'm also currently trading This in big cat so if you want to get Started in trading don't forget to go to The link description because then you Will get first of all a 315 US Dollars And on top of that you can claim it Deposit bonus up to 50 000 US Dollars Furthermore we can currently see that The Bitcoin price action is still Creating a potential bull flag we're Creating this very important open Solving support line and if we were Devices level we need to come down to Twenty five thousand dollars and there Will be once again a very good buying Opportunity so I will keep my eyes wide Open if Bitcoin does fall down here to Open up a new position on that level Right there as well and of course I've Said it for quite a while here this is

Going to be a very important week Because tomorrow we will have the CPI Data come out for Bitcoin and then the Day after we're going to have the fomc Meeting make sure to subscribe to the Channel smash up the Bell notifications Because I will be live streaming both of These events and I can tell you already There will be a lot of volatility on the Market so get ready for that here Tomorrow and the day after are going to Be extremely volatile if we're looking At the forecast for tomorrow inflation Is set to drop 0.8 percent here and that Is going to be having a massive effect On all markets so get ready for that and The day after we're going to get the Fomc meeting and it looks to be that the Federal Reserve is going to stop hiking The interest rates and they're going to Go in with a pause and maybe even a cut At the end of this year so it's going to Be a very important meeting it's going To be very important first of all where The inflation is going to come in at Because the consent senses of the fat Meeting could change very quickly if Inflation maybe comes in hotter than Expected so that is going to be very Important to pay attention towards right Now here on the weekly time frame we can See that Bitcoin is still holding on Towards that Weekly email ribbon and That very important weekly support

Target and if you're looking at the Bitcoin dominance we're breaking bullish And I'm going to still say it my target For the Bitcoin dominance is 52 and I'm Expecting the Bitcoin dominance is going To increase in the coming days you can See it already Bitcoin was dropping and Altcoins were suffering and writing on Bitcoin is balancing and all coins are Not balancing as strong as Bitcoin so I'm expecting this trend to continue Here for the Bitcoin dominance though Where we are currently trading in and Expect to see maybe a reversal around 52 Here so 52 is really the level where I Want to really start getting into all Coins again here but right now I don't Really think it's the time to be really Going back into all coins so be on the High alert for that from the previous Bull runs uh Penny people always say oh You have to be buying these all coins in The bear Market no the best time to Actually buy all coins is once Bitcoin Is breaking it's a ultimate so that is Also what I'm going to do here as soon As Bitcoin breaks back about fifty Thousand dollars that is the point where I would scale massively into all coins Again here because then the risk is most Certainly lower than we are currently Having because you can see all these all Coins like Solana cardano they're still Down like 50 from just approximately two

Or three weeks ago so altcoins are still Very risky be on high alert for that Here and be very picky with what you're Actually buying here tether just printed A billion US Dollars and this could be Used as additional buying pressure Because tether is buying a Bitcoin to Have that as reserve and that could Significantly increase the buying Pressure on bitcoin so be aware so Approximately one hour ago they minted a Billion US Dollars and USD tether from The tether treasury so that is very Important to know here another billion US dollars in the market is going to get Added as buying pressure and that is Actually very bullish if you want to Stay up to date about these things on Real time don't forget to follow me on Twitter as well at Rover CRC or you can Just search crypto Rover on Google but There you can see all the important Updates that we're giving about the the Market here as well so another billion Dollars we'll be getting at it as buying Pressure and that is very bullish in my Opinion furthermore we can see that on The monthly time frame for Bitcoin we Actually broke the same downtrend we've Broken in every single cycle and like You can see almost every single time we Break this trend here here it was Approximately 1000 days after the whole Thing right now it was also once again

An approximately thousand days after the Whole thing and here in 2016 it was all It was also approximately a thousand Days after the whole thing and that just Makes a lot of sense guys we're just Once again seeing a similar cycle Getting created and it's just a very Good opportunity for us to make use of This cycle and look what happened every Single time here basically after we Broke the downtrend here in 2016 we saw A small move towards the upside but Steadily moving towards the upside but Basically that was what we were seeing Here we saw of course a slight bearish Trend here before once again reversing Back towards the upside we could maybe See something similar like 2019 2020 and Right now there are two scenarios we're Maybe going to see some slight bearish Relief or basically almost no price Action for Bitcoin or we're going to see That steady move towards the upside so I Mean in the end of the day what we're Currently doing is just preparing for The next Bull Run the Bitcoin Hall thing Is only 300 days out here it was 290 Even so the Bitcoin whole thing is Coming closer and closer get ready for The next cycle guys I mean this is the Time to make your bank this is the time To dollar cost averaging towards the Market because now you've got the Opportunity to actually buy cheap and

Usually once the market goes up that is Once everyone is telling you to be Buying Bitcoin but actually the best Time to be buying Bitcoin is once no one Is talking about it so make sure to Remember that always once you're going To be buying Bitcoin never buy in Towards the fomo always buy what's no One is talking about it so thank you so Much for watching towards this amazing New update video guys another billion Dollars is getting added in buy pressure For Bitcoin and this is going to be Extremely bullish so thank you so much For watching tomorrow is going to be an Important day here I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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