In the last 30 days and approximately 165 million US Dollars got closed in Bitcoin shorts and in this exact video I Will talk about what this means for Bitcoin I'm going to go over the shorts Liquidations in the past 24 hours and of Course I will be going over these insane Charge where Bitcoin is absolutely Skyrocketing I will talk about the most Important resistance levels the most Important levels to look at right now And much more important stuff so don't Forget to slap up that like button can We once again smash you back about 400 Likes that's absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Once looking at that one hour time frame For Bitcoin I mean ever since we started Looking at this parabolica all the way Back once we were starting to look at This parabolica we started to see that Bitcoin was going parabolic and every Single time we go even more parabolic And look at this this last move from 19k To 21 000 US Dollars this was an approximately 14 move in just a minute matter of 10 Hours that is a crazy move of Bitcoin And right now we're once again Consolidating and this is going to be Another rally that's the big question Right now here are we going to see Another insane Spike towards the upside

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And I also will quickly tell why is this Happening that is the real big question Right why is Bitcoin moving up so Quickly towards the upside and I Personally think since if I am looking To the volume on all different kinds of Exchanges we can see that of course we Are seeing some volume spikes but this Is on the bitfinex exchange here but if I go to the uh Bitcoin index we can see That the volume has arguably stayed a Little bit similar towards this Downtrend right here and the sideways Market consolidation and while the Volume is sticking at the same level it Means that there's just less selling Pressure because the volume is very Similar towards the previous levels but Still Bitcoin is moving up very quickly So selling pressure is currently Disappearing in the market a lot of People are willing to sell their Bitcoin For seventeen thousand dollars and not Even people are willing to sell their Bitcoin for twenty thousand dollars and The real quick question is here how far Can we go towards the upside and if we Really want to be answering this Question I have to look at some Important charts right so we talked About this very key level of previous Very strong support resistance right Here we broke above it and yesterday Also exactly said it the next Target is

21 000 if we break Above This level and Like you can see we exactly reached the Price target of 21 000 US Dollars and Right now I want to see if we break Above This level because this right here The top right here in the market is the Previous range height that is what we Call this this is the Range High in the Market and this is an extremely Important level to take out here if Bitcoin manages to be breaking Above This orange line right here we're taking Out the previous high in the market what Means that we are basically confirming Also on the daily time frame an uptrend That is exactly what we want to be Seeing because yes if you look at the Daily time frame you could arguably say But right now we are forming a higher High than the previous High yes but this Is the previous swing High you want to Take out the swing high and if we do so That could be a signal of a trend Reversal so taking out the twenty one Thousand dollars is going to be Extremely important for Bitcoin however I think that this is going to be a Serious level of resistance many people Will take some profits off the table of Profits I mean many people will maybe Cut their losses and think Bitcoin bans Okay let me take some off the table so Yeah this definitely could be an Important level of resistance and you

Know what's the funny part is is that The S P 500 is not even moving up Towards the opposite so hard so Bitcoin Is outperforming the classic stock Market as well so right now as well if I Look at the daily RSI we are extremely Overbought and to be exactly clear the Last time we've been so overbought and I Can't even see it on this chart so I Have to go to this different chart you Can see the last time we were so Overbought was over here in January 2021 At the beginning stage of the exact bull Market so Bitcoin going extremely Overbought and look at what happened at That point so we were so overbought he Uh still moved up even further but then We had a cool off and another move Towards the upset so there is definitely A possibility that Bitcoin is going to Be having a cool off anytime soon I'm Not saying that it can't happen the cool Wolf is likely to happen anytime soon I'm not going to say when is this going To be happening because it's just Extremely hard to say however just be Cautious I am not recommending for every Anyone to write to open up a big trade Position here on the market I mean I'm Currently long on bitcoin with an Approximately 1.7 x leverage and my Trade is over 30 in profit what means That I'm making more than 25 and you Know what's the very nice part about

This trade here it's a low risk trade I Showed this trade as well what was in The loss and right now it's in a Significant profit but I told everyone I'm going to Long Bitcoin because if This is the bottom I want to catch it And I over the 1.7 x leverage long here My liquidation is on ten thousand Dollars the risk was extremely low but Like you can see the potential reward is Extremely high so I'm making of course a Ton of money right now here because I'm Also using the inverse Perpetual what Means that I'm trading against the Bitcoin pair so if anyone is interested In trading check out the links in the Description because if you sign up but I Can't using those links you will support Me and also you'll get an additional Deposit bonus and if you do not not sign Up for that link you won't get anything So it's a win-win situation but on top Of that really if I'm looking at Bitcoin You can see that right now we broke Above that 18 000 region that was the Most important region in my opinion and If we ever going to see a rejection from Of this range right here we could move Down towards levels of eighteen thousand Dollars and if we do so that is going to Be the opportunity for for you guys if You don't have a trade open yet to open Up a potential trade and I'm also going To scale up my trades significantly

Because I've been talking about if Bitcoin breaks above twenty thousand Dollars I'm going to scale up my trade Now I don't feel that this is the right Time to scope my trade because Bitcoin Is of course so extremely overbought on The RSI and it's in a parabolic all Right so if we do have that cool face if We potentially move down to eighteen Thousand dollars that is the point where I will scale up my trades significantly Add even more margin towards my trade Because I want to be catching the exact Bear Market bottom low with an extremely Big trade so make sure to subscribe to The channel if you want to be finding More about that also the daily email Ribbon finally cross bullish and like we Know here we we saw Faker due to the FTX Collapse but basically every single Other time the daily email ribbon flips Bullish we tend to see at least a 20 to 40 movement towards the upside in the Following 30 to 40 days so make sure to Get ready for that we cross bullish on The Daily email ribbon and this is Definitely suggesting that there is Going to be more bullishness in the Coming days ahead of ourselves and this Is also a significant pump because if You just purely look at the daily time Frame we moved up with an approximately Green candles in a row right now six Daily green candles in a row and of

Course we saw two of these very minor Red candles and if I discount them as Well for instance we have been moving up 13 days towards the upside straight for Bitcoin and it is going more and more Parabolic by every single daily candle So that is very interesting to see here It also is suggesting that cell pressure Is running out of the market all the Unchained metrics have been calling for A bottom on that 17-game region I've Been talking about that it was the best Range of accumulation and currently we Have seen that band so that is Absolutely beautiful to see quickly Going to say if you have been shorting Bitcoin yeah I'm sorry but in the last 24 hours more than 650 million US Dollars Insurance got liquidated what Means that debt is added buying pressure So many people shorted Solana like you Can see many people shorted Bitcoin and All those are liquidated and right now Um it is added towards the order value So you can see also 244 million US Dollar Liquidation on ethereum so be Careful with a shorting or longing the Market right now here because it's Extremely volatile and make sure to use A low leverage just like I am currently Doing here also quickly want to be Pointing out and you can see this also On my YouTube this account is currently 110 000 worth and literally two weeks

Ago here so 15 days before basically This insane really happened this account Was forty thousand dollars and I made Some trades here I also made my Legendary swing trade right here and you Can see that I made more than 70 000 US Dollars in this time span of two weeks And that is only possible with trading Crypto literally this is the only place Where you can make so much money me so Don't forget to subscribe to the channel Right now because we're also close Towards 100K and then you will Definitely see more about all the things We're doing here if you're living in the US you can also trade on bitgat but Right now talking about the Bitcoin Shorts here if I am looking towards this Chart you can see that over the course Over the past 36 days here more than 81 Of all the Bitcoin shorts on bitfinex Got close that is an approximately 165 million US dollars in Bitcoin shorts That got close in the past month and Look at what happens historically so if I'm going to Overlay the price real Quickly so let me quickly show you this So in this exact low right here in the Market so this was of course the crash In May for Bitcoin you see and you can Clearly see the blue line that is the Shorts for Bitcoin it spiked Significantly towards the upset and once It got close that was the point where we

Had that insane rally towards the upside Right now yes right now we've seen the FDX collapse and a big spike in Bitcoin Shorts and right now it is at the low Point yet again and we're moving up what A coincidence the market is also moving Up currently towards the upside due to The fact that many Bitcoin shorts are Getting closed because if you close the Bitcoin short you're basically buying Back in towards the market you're forced To buy your uh contract so this is Extremely bullish and this is also a Signal of a potential bottoming signal For Bitcoin I personally think it is Likely that the bear Market bottom is in Right now and this is also another Confirmation that that bottom could be In here also the first time ever the Bitcoin is breaking above the three day EMA ribbon for an approximately 290 days Here the three-day email ribbon is Extremely important like you can see if It cross bullish it cross bullish and it Goes up here right here as well if it Cross bearish it's also a very serious Signal and right now since we're Training above it it's going to shift Around very quickly so I'm going to keep My eyes wide open on the three-day email Ribbon this is an extremely important Signal that we need to pay attention Towards once it does flip over the Legendary support line I just can't talk

Enough about it it is it is bouncing It's bouncing from the legendary support Line and I want to be pointing out that Currently look at the weekly candle it's An insane weekly candle and if we're Looking back at every every single time Bitcoin created such kind of a big green Weekly candle of course it was in the Bull market but also in the previous Bear market and such kind of a big Weekly candle was the point and the Confirmation and the signal that the Bear Market button was behind us also Right here in the pandemic Rush these Big green candles towards the upside and Right now we're getting another one so I Could definitely say that there are many Things grinding pointing towards the Same direction that Bitcoin bear Market Bottom could be in and I also think it Is extremely likely and if it isn't I Definitely got a trade in on the exact Bear Market bottom I traded Bitcoin long On the exact bear Market ball and what a Crazy crazy way to do it also looking at This weekly time frame we are currently Breaking out of this falling wedge what A way to do it insane breakout and the Price record of the falling wedge here Is going to take months to reach this Price Target but it's all the way on 65 000 but I'm not saying that we are going To reach it next day or tomorrow no this Could literally take years or months of

Development for Bitcoin and I'm Expecting these targets to be reached Somewhere in mid 2024 maybe earlier so Uh yeah this is definitely also another Very good development anyways this was It for me on today's update video I Tried to keep it as short as possible if You want to be training crypto make sure To check out the links in description Subscribe to the channel I'm going to Pop out some more tutorials on how I Traded this exact movement towards the Upside as well here so you guys could Learn from that as well so don't forget To subscribe to the channel for that one But anyways thank you so much for Watching enjoy the pump enjoy the money We're making because yes in the bear Market you just make the most amount of Money so uh enjoy these times I I Absolutely love it and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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