Bitcoin is pumping towards the upside Right now and in this exact video I will Tell you about why this is currently Happening what are the price targets and Many more important narratives we should Be looking at right now so without any Further Ado don't forget to slap that Like button on today's update video with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the content and first of All we see that the semi Futures Gap got Filled up on bitcoin and that is a Beautiful thing to be seeing and then of Course like I discussed earlier today in My update video of this morning we saw That there were massive liquidations Laying somewhere around the $38,000 Level and exactly that is the level that We just crashed through and we saw once Again a massive Liquidation on the Market even this morning I tweeted about That if Bitcoin is going to hit $38,000 Approximately $400 million us do in Bitcoin shortes will be getting wiped Out of their positions and that is also What currently happened and due to that Is Bitcoin even pumping further on Towards the upside and I've been using This method of looking about where the Liquidity is laying in the market for The past 3 weeks and actually this Strategy has been so profitable for me And have been making a ton of money ever Since I implemented this strategy right

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Here we can also see that Bitcoin is Just continued to be going up and up Here and honestly I think it's purely Due to the fact of the narrative because We do know that within a couple days the Bitcoin SP DF is going to get accepted And that is why the trend is so strong No one is willing to sell their Bitcoins Moments before the SP ETF gets sucess Accepted so that is why the dips are Keep getting bought up and that is why Bitcoin keeps on bouncing back towards The upside every time Bitcoin dims dips A little bit here we were made to be Creating higher lows every single time And probably Bitcoin will even hit a new Yearly High later today because I Honestly won't be surprised about that At the same time we can see that Actually ther keeps printing more money And we can see that the tedar market cap Is going up and that could also be a Reason why Bitcoin is going up because The more money tedar prints the the more Likely Bitcoin is actually going to be Going up here and right now potentially We are breaking this horizontal level if We can confirm the 12-hour candle C Above This level right here we're Breaking outside of the asending Triangle and honestly the next realistic Resistance Target for Bitcoin is not $40,000 us but it's going to be this Wide line right here it's going to be

The 39.7k why is because the 39.7k guys if You ex extend this level you can clearly See that the drop of point for this Massive correction towards downside for Bitcoin was 39.7 7K so I expect Bitcoin Could still go a little bit higher if we Confirm the break up of this level but 39.7k is going to be the next resistance To be looking at eventually I think We're going to be breaking above it but For the imate short term this could be a Level where we could get rejected from So I will remain to hold my trade open Until 39.7k that is going to be my full Take-profit Target and from all that Point I'm going to be opening up new Trades again so stay posted on the Channel if you want to be finding out Here and guys if you want to be trading Just like me you can currently claim a Deposit bonus up to 40,00 On buybit in the link description Without this link is only 400 so make Sure to use the link in description of Today's video and if you can't trade on By it since you're living in the UK make Sure to use FX because FX allows you to Trade without kyc with no restrictions And you can claim some free FX tokens Over there as well so make sure to go to The link description if you're from the UK if you want to be trading over there But that was it for me in today's update

Video thanks so much for watching and to See you guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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