🚨BITCOIN: I’M GOING SHORT!!! [warning]

Right now Bitcoin is breaking down and I Will be right now reviewing my next Bitcoin trade and also I will discuss Real quickly in this emergency updates Video the next big Bitcoin move because Right now we're breaking below key Support and we need to discuss it right Now so don't forget to slap up that like Button and without any further Ado let's Jump straight away in towards the charts And basically what you can see right now Is that after we broke below this range Low on the market we basically saw two Severe rejections and we came down again And ever since we broke below the 23.8 K We saw a confirmation of even another Break below support So currently on the Lower time frames we can clearly see That we're trading in a downtrend and Even right now in the four hourly time Frame we are confirming a lower low and A bridge below this very important level Of support so I am currently looking to Actually open up a new trade for Bitcoin And the next trade is going to be a Shorting position why is because Currently Bitcoin is breaking down on Several patterns you can see it's Breaking down from of this ascending Triangle and it's also breaking down on Critical horizontal support the reason Why I'm shorting it is because currently We also broke below this very important Previous resistance and support level

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You can see it provided significant Support and if I can manage to wait for A retas and shorter potential retest I Think is going to be a very good entry So that is what it will be doing the Target for me is 22.7 K why because the 22.7 K is basically this low right here What I actually think is going to be Providing a lot of support and what I Right now expect is that Bitcoin Actually is going to come back in Towards this range and consolidate Somewhere around here so that is why I Think I'm going to go in with a shorting Position of course my stop loss is very Tight and if we manage to break back Above the range and maybe this was a Fake out I will of course straight away Anticipate it differently if we do once Again break Above This level right here I am once again going to look at long Positions but as long as we're not Looking bullish and as long as we're in A better strength I'm still going to Keep at looking at shorting positions This is my setup this is my Target and Once you're looking at the four early Time frame you can see we broke below This critical level support and we're Right now probably going to entering This next range also looking at the Ascending triangle the price Target is Coming very close to be reached here Because if I'm looking at the price

Target the price Target is somewhere Around 22.9 K and currently we're just Like yeah only 600 away from it so yeah If you traded the breakdown right here Congratulations on the retest very good Breakdown trade here and you can see Right here also on by bit I did set up My orders already I'm going to enter This trade with an approximately 7 Bitcoin furthermore we can see that we Basically got rejected by the 200 weekly Moving average yet again and that is Also still the level to break here and Of course on The Daily time frame there Is a possibility that we're going to Break the parabolic trend and that could Maybe signal that we're going to have a Slowdown in the trend in general I mean Still I want to be pointing it out the Level to break for Bitcoin is 25.2 to 25.4k if we break above that level no Matter how it's going to happen maybe We're going to pump significantly right Now here I am going to be very bullish On bitcoin when if we break Above This Range it's going to be very good but Currently on the imminent short term it Is just not looking strong and that's Why I opened up this new trait here and What is also very nice to see is that Actually the currency trading algorithm Both took full profit on its long trade Towards the upside and right now is also Looking to of course short so that is

Actually a very interesting signal that We're currently getting and so far the Cryptoc trading algorithm has made more Than 36 in profit in just the past seven Weeks so it's doing a very good job here If you want to use this algorithm you Can check out the links in description But anyways this is it for me on today's Update video I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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